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House Director

Latah Alliance on Mental Illness (LAMI) is hiring for a House Director (part-time, 10 hours/week, $520/mo.) of the Alliance House. The house director is the frontline, direct-support staff for the residents. This position is a necessity to the agency and Alliance House. It is imperative that a qualified person is in this role supporting the residents in the way they need to remain physically and mentally healthy and independent. The Alliance House is located in Moscow, ID and serves individuals who need residential support.  Alliance House provides a supported living residence for up to six adults with severe and persistent mental illness who have had difficulty with living independently in the past.  


The job responsibilities of the House Director include but are not limited to supporting up to 6 residents’ with activities of daily living, communication, conflict resolution, being on-call for evening and weekend emergencies, monitoring the residents’ mental and physical health, conducting weekly house meetings, ensures residents are attending their appointments, ensures house rules are being followed, and oversees house maintenance. Additionally, the house director supervises interns and communicates with case managers and community members when we are seeking referrals. Most importantly, relationship building with residents and serving as an advocate for and champions of the residents’ health and wellbeing are two responsibilities that are intangible and of the highest importance.


  • Experience working in the mental health field

  • Valid Driver's License and reliable transportation

  • High School Diploma

  • Ability to demonstrate proof of full vaccination (vaccine + booster) against COVID-19 

  • Pass a national background check

Inclusion Statement:

LAMI amplifies the voices of the members of our community who have been silenced to reveal inequities and dismantle systemic oppression through education and advocacy ensuring every community member feels heard, valued, counted, and served. Valuing differences of racial and cultural backgrounds, age, gender, sexual orientations, disabilities and religious beliefs enriches the experiences and lives of all the LAMI community.

To apply, please email your resume (with three references) and cover letter to with subject line "HOUSE DIRECTOR APPLICATION." 

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