Alliance House

House Information 

Alliance House, which is operated by LAMI, is located in Moscow, ID and serves up to six individuals with severe and persistent mental illness who have had difficulty with living independently in the past.  We encourage the residents to reach their full potential by participating within their household, the Palouse community, employment, and social service programs. The Alliance House has a part time House Director on staff to support the residents in living an independent lifestyle within their community.  Resident agrees to pay eighty percent (80%) of their total monthly income to cover the expenses of the house. Alliance House provides the residents with a food stipend for Winco Foods monthly to assist with food costs. All utility and home maintenance  expenses are covered by LAMI.

Support Information

Alliance House provides community engagement and  internship opportunities for University of Idaho and Washington State University students. The Alliance House has a part time House Director on staff to support the residents in living an independent lifestyle, while providing support with weekly house meetings, transportation, advocacy at appointments, and general home maintenance.   The support that Alliance House residents receive decreases their involvement with the legal system, helps them initiate and maintain appropriate medical and mental health care, encourages development of independent living skills, and supports them in being full members in local communities through work, volunteering, and attending community events.

Guidelines for Residency

Residents who live at the Alliance House are required to:

  1. Have a Primary Care Provider (prescribing doctor)

  2. Have psychiatric provider if need indicates (determined by your healthcare team)

  3. Have Community Services (case manager, counselor, and/or Community Based Rehabilitation Services) as determined by your healthcare team

  4. Take medications as prescribed by your Primary Care Provider/Psychiatric Provider

  5. Treat others with dignity and respect

  6. Not consume or have possession of alcohol or illegal drugs while in the house or on the property

  7. No smoking in the house

  8. Follow house rules

Resident Handbook 

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